ponedjeljak, 28. studenoga 2011.

Bipolar Autumn.

I had a little photo-session with my good friend the other day!
Hope you like the photos and outfit.
Thanks a lot to all the people that started looking at my blog.


P.S. The stuff is mostly H&M. The necklace is Evita Peroni. The bag Chanel.
(Here's a link to this look on lookbook - )

nedjelja, 27. studenoga 2011.


I'm not entirely sure when my love for fashion was born but it is a love that did not fade.
It grew stronger.
It evolved and grew as did I.

This blog is one of my creative outlets.
Hope you will enjoy reading my thoughts and looking at the photos I put in posts!

(All the stuff is vintage except the shorts which are H&M.)