nedjelja, 27. studenoga 2011.


I'm not entirely sure when my love for fashion was born but it is a love that did not fade.
It grew stronger.
It evolved and grew as did I.

This blog is one of my creative outlets.
Hope you will enjoy reading my thoughts and looking at the photos I put in posts!

(All the stuff is vintage except the shorts which are H&M.)


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Laura kaže...

love the bold colours of your outfit:) x

zrno radosti kaže...

Čitamo se! :*

Agnes Deer kaže...

Your scarf and your whole outfit is so energizing! :) Such color! Thanks a lot for your comments on my blog! :)

Fran and Effe kaže...

we love your blog! thanks for the comment...we follow you

Fran and Effe
The Thousand And One Mises

Jessi kaže...

Cute outfit! I love the bright colors, great to see in this wintery weather. Looking forward to more posts!

indie by heart kaže...

Thanks so much for your comment!

Nice new blog, lovely photos. :)

xx indie by heart

Inhale | Fashion and Beauty kaže...

very cool

Fashion-Bridge kaže...

Absolutely beautiful combo of colors!!!Love it! These pics make me think of warm summer:)



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