subota, 3. prosinca 2011.

A Walk In The Forest.

I am so fortunate to be surrounded by nature.
Near my house there is this lovely forest where I usually walk my dog.
I always marvel at the beauty of nature and all the transitions between the seasons.
This time I decided to have a little photo session with a friend of mine.
Here are the results. Hope you like them!
Thank you for your comments! They are very appreciated!

OH! Tell me which look you like better. I think the leather jacket one is better! 

 My dog Ben kept jumping up and down the tree! He went completely mad. That was so funny. :)

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Fran and Effe kaže...

we love your blog! the name you gave it, your outfits, everything! obviously we follow you ;)

Fran and Effe
The Thousand And One Mises

Maddie kaže...

That's a very nice dress! :)
cute outfit!

Featuring Fashion kaže...

Nice dress! ;)

guess? anja. kaže...

haljinica je preslatka! :D

Lidiya kaže...

The leather jacket is awesome, I love it <3

Laura kaže...

lovely photos, the leather jacket is great! x

chazzehhh kaže...

great photos, love the dress!

Mangotatoes kaže...

thanks for the sweet comment girl I love these photographs and the setting is perfect for your outfit!


Cindy kaže...

Gorgeous outfits! I like the leather one too :)

Agnes Deer kaže...

Loved the photoshoot and your doggy acting as a guest star! Love the color of the cardi.

ilovebananana kaže...

great :) like it! nice blog :)

indie by heart kaže...

Nice look. I like that you've done the photoshoot in the woods. Whenever I take outfit photos they're mainly inside my house. Well I'm not really a fashion blogger :)

Thanks for stopping by.
In case you would like to follow each other, I use bloglovin' :)

xx indie by heart

Marcia B. kaže...

wow you have great style, love these nature style photos and your dog is so cuteeee!!!

Fashion-Bridge kaže...

It's such a beautiful autumn outfit! Love the subtle colours! And your dog is such a cutie pie!



Josie kaže...

I like the leather jacket best too :) xx

sammycx kaže...

gorgeous photos! <3


these pics are gorgeous!!!!love your printed dress!!!<3

p.s.please come and see if u're interested in my new event!xx

Clara Turbay kaže...

Love it. Please take some time to check out my blog.

t kaže...

Cute dress!

ANNAWII kaže...

Beautiful hun!

Naina kaže...

I like the look with the green (?) leather jacket too :) You're beautiful, and your puppy is too cute!

Ivana & Anamarija kaže...

psić je presladak ;)

posjeti me

BincCi kaže...

Hvala za komentare! :) Haljina ti je prelijepa i cuko je sladak! Moras ga uslikati blize da ga vidim ;)

Rosa's Yummy Yums kaže...

I love the countryside! I prefer the one with the short green jacket, but both are great.



aleksandra kaže...

so pretty jacket and look :)

TheUrbanUmbrella kaže...

Beautiful photos! Love that green jacket + your dress! Beautiful!

The Urban Umbrella

Ana Wallflower kaže...

Hei! I just found your blog and it is amazing1 I am following it now!

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Good luck!

Ana Wallflower

rach_t kaže...

beautiful setting, lucky you living in such a place of beauty. I like the jacket best.. looks great!
Rachel xx

Anonimno kaže...

I love trees and big woods! And I love the leather jacket! I'm a new follower!

Sara kaže...

I love your outfit and this pictures, you look so good, that dress is really beautiful, the print, the shape, the length are all perfect also you are very beautiful and your green jacket rocks! Your blog is lovely by the way and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!

Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

Kate @ The Bowery kaže...

Love the leather jacket! great blog. you're so lucky to live near the woods and nature - I'm very jelous!


The Bowery

Hilary Nicole kaže...

Cute little dress! I love it. Have a great day!

XX Hilary

Brandi, The Beatniq kaže...

The leather jacket one all the way!!

Dark Blue Stripes kaže...

Cute shots. I love the florals.


Dark Blue Stripes

jane kaže...

What a lovely dress <3

Rebel without a cause kaže...

we want more! <3 :D

Laura kaže...

I really think your blog is amazing, would you like to each other?

k come karolina kaže...

i love this look !it's fab!!!

xoxo from rome

Anonimno kaže...

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Ioana-Carmen kaže...

nice blog :)
Let`s follow each other sweetie!

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